**During this time of COVID-19, our worship service is livestreamed on our YouTube channel at 10 a.m. every Sunday.  You can visit YouTube at any time to watch archived services.**


The desire to worship is more than a personal need to connect with God.  It is more than gathering with people of similar thoughts and values.  We worship because we are a body.  As eating and breathing are to life, so is worship to The Church.

Worship is:

*Praise, for God's glory, faithfulness, grace, and love.

*Communal, a chance for us to express our wholeness and joy together.

*Participatory for all ages, with song, story, prayer, and sharing.

Worship at Sylvania United Church of Christ is traditional but creative in its liturgy, form, music, and style.  We seek to find ways to worship which fit the season, the Scripture, and the day.


Taize Services

On the third Thursday of every month, we offer a worship service at 7 p.m. on our YouTube Channel, styled after the Taize community in France.  This worship is centered on singing meditation songs and periods of silence for prayer and reflection.

Communion & Baptism

On the first Sunday of every month, we celebrate the Sacrament of Communion during the worship service.  When communion is taken in person in the sanctuary, all of the bread is gluten-free.  We are an open table.  Jesus excluded no one and neither will we.  This means that if a parent wishes for their child to receive communion, we will respect that wish.  Likewise, if a parent wishes to withhold communion until their child is of a certain age, we will respect those wishes also.  Everyone who wants to partake in communion may participate...those with no faith, little faith, or great faith.  All are welcome at the table.  Baptisms are celebrated as requested.  Please contact the church office for more information.