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Sylvania United Church of Christ was one of 37 churches nationally awarded a Scientists in Congregation grant in 2012 through a program of the John Templeton Foundation. Our proposal, entitled Integrating our Faith and Modern Science, was aimed to educate and engage our congregation in the questions common to both science and faith. Videos and press coverage of our lectures are linked below.

  • Reading scripture: The scholary view, modern criticisms and how the canon came to be, with Dr. Louis Stulman, University of Findlay professor of religious studies.
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    Toledo Blade: Lectures to explore creationism, evolution

  • Our faith, our scriptures and the big bang, stellar evolution, and the geological record, with Rev. Dr. Julian A. Davies and Dr. Al Compaan, both from the University of Toledo.
    Watch video here

  • Our faith, our scriptures, life's early origins and evolution, with Dr. George Bullerjahn, Bowling Green State University professor of biological sciences, and Dr. Sheila Banerji, molecular biologist and Sylvania UCC youth ministry coordinator.
    Watch video here

  • What does it mean to be a human person? What the Bible says and what modern biology/medicine tells us, with Dr. Mark Douglas, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Columbia Theological Seminary.
    Watch video here
    Toledo Blade: Ethicist: Transhumanism 'inevitable'

  • What does it mean to be a member of human society? With Father James Bacik of Corpus Christi.
    Watch video here

  • Reclaiming Christian language and mysticism, with biblical and Jesus scholar Marcus Borg.
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    ToledoFAVS: Bible scholar Borg speaking this weekend at Sylvania UCC
    ToledoFAVS: Scholar says language of Christianity widely misused, misunderstood
    Toledo Blade: Photo gallery

  • America's creation/evolution controversy, with Karl Giberson
    Watch video here

  • Robert J. Russell, founder and director of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences.
    Watch video here

    Please check out the Chidester Lecture Series at our church.